PAL XT Cool Stacks - Refurbished

The PAL XT Cool Stack introduces temperature controlled sample storage to your XT PAL or legacy PAL system. These Peltier cooled stacks come in different sizes/capacities as listed below, and can be controlled between 4°C and 40°C in 0.1°C increments, ±1°C. 

Each unit includes both the stack with the capacity listed, the power supply and the temperature regulator with LCD display/interface. 

 Name/Type Capacity
  • 6 well plates
  • or 6 deep-well plates
  • or 6 VT15 (15x10mL)
  • or 6 VT54 (54x2mL)
  • or 6 VT70 (70x1mL)
  • or combinations
  • 2 well plates
  • or 2 deep-well plates
  • or 2 VT15 (15x10mL)
  • or 2 VT54 (54x2mL)
  • or 2 VT70 (70x1mL)
  • or combinations


Certified Refurbished Products

All LEAP Certified refurbished products are brought back to peak condition by manufacturer-trained specialists with only new parts. We test and certify all PAL refurbished products and include a full year warranty.