ProDx Trap Columns for HDX

Finally, high sample recovery trap columns for HDX experiments -  optimized for the highest performance with the LEAP HDX system.

Developed by experts in the field, optimized for maximum peptide recovery at 0°C. 

Trap columns uniquely configured for HDX experiments!

ProDx trap columns perform:

  • at 0°C
  • at lower back pressures
  • with high, consistent recovery
  • with increased desalting efficiency

The ProDx trap columns have a reversed phase POROS C8 analog packing in a 0.5mm x 20mm column. End frits prevent rapid blocking by intact proteins and aggregates, and preconfigured PEEKsil lines help reduce backpressure and prevent leaking. Combined, they offer the easiest to use trap system for for high sample recovery of peptide fragments with efficient desalting and minimal carryover.

The ProDx trap columns come packaged in sets of three, with 1/16" to 10-32 UNF (long) PEEK Fingertite fittings. This configuration is rated at 5000 PSI.