Workflow Notifier

Instrument alerts at your fingertips

In today’s busy laboratories an operator needs to know that their instrument is running smoothly without constant attendance. Workflow Notifier is an add-on to Chronos instrument control software that will alert you by email or text when your instrument needs your attention. It can let you know when a sample list is completed, or an error has occurred. Receive a sample report to monitor results as they happen.

Maximize your productivity

  • Reducing instrument downtime
  • More efficient workflows
  • Increase productivity
  • Know your instrument is running smoothly while you can complete other tasks and out of business hours

Your Security is our Priority

Internet access (external or internal) via a server or secure cellular hotspot to the PC running Chronos is required. These are controlled by your IT department. At no time will Trajan have access.

External server access allows email and text notifications* via an external SMTP server:

external server
Access to an internal server allows email notifications. These will not leave your company intranet.
internal server

Workflow Notifier Specifications

Chronos Version: 4.9.3** or higher

Internet Access:    SMTP server with an email address at a viable domain and a password

                                 associated with that email address. Without internet access, a secure

                                 cellular hotspot is required

* SMS Text Options only available in North America. Must know carrier of cellular phones for alerts.

** Error handling notifications require Chronos 5.1, other notifications can be compatible with versions 4.9.3 and higher.