HDX Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange PAL

LEAP Technologies

Automates H/D-X experimental workflow, schedules and performs labeled experiments, followed by quenching and injection under cold conditions.


Flexible Control Software

• Reagent addition

• Precisely timed reactions

• Overlapped for maximum efficiency

• Digestion, either on column or in solution

• Injection to MS with direct integration to Sample List


Next Generation HDX Platform             

  • Robotic syringe changing

New motors

New electronics

Ethernet connectivity

  • Smaller footprint
  • Larger sample capacity (100 time points)
  • High performance tray cooler

Very stable temperatures 0 degrees C +/- 0.5

  • Cold syringe option - keep samples cold during injection
  • Standalone pepsin column chamber to enhance peptide coverage

Pepsin Column

  • Bottom sensing in vials

Can access very small sample volumes (low dead-volume)

  • Cut-away Chromatography chamber – Removable door

More accessibility to valves and columns

  • Control Software

Full editing capabilities for method customization.

User access levels for protecting methods

Sophisticated error handling and logging

Integration with many data systems to provide direct control and feedback