Chronos Software


PAL Control and Master Scheduling

  • Control of ALL generations of PAL
  • Parallel operation of Dual Head PALs
  • Integration with many Chromatography Data Systems
  • Can be used as standalone workstation
  • Uniform user experience across all platforms
  • Optimum sample throughput with overlapped samples
  • Control of accessories, pumps, and external devices
  • Simple sample introduction to complex sample handling and prep
  • Smart sample handling

Chronos Maximizes Throughput

Chronos overlaps samples to maximize throughput

Chronos Can Multiplex Samples

  • Dual Column systems
  • Single or dual head PAL
  • Maximum utilization of Mass Spectrometer
  • Maximum sample throughput

Chronos Provides a Uniform User Experience

  • Chronos allows sample setup to be the same for any type of chromatography or data system
  • Import from CSV
  • Can have custom LIMS import

Integration of Data Systems

  • Agilent – All Chemstation, Masshunter, EZChrom
  • Thermo – Xcalibur
  • Sciex – Analyst
  • Waters – Masslynx, Empower 2
  • Bruker – MS Workstation
  • Clarity
  • ChromPerfect

Control of External Devices

  • Gazelle 18 pumps
  • Loading pumps
  • Metering pumps
  • 2D Barcode
  • Spinsolve NMR
  • Centrifuge
  • Custom drivers