PAL Customization

The PAL x,y,z robotic platform is more than just an autosampler. It has been successfully employed as a highly sophisticated liquid handling robot in a wide range of markets and applications. See bottom of page for some examples including LC Multi-Valve Applications, MALDI Applications, Large Volume Dispensing, Polymer Analysis, Semi Solid Analysis, and Tobacco Analysis.

If you have a liquid handling challenge or chore which is suited to automation,  fill out the worksheet below we would be happy to respond to you with a provisional proposal as to how we think the PAL could be put to work for you.

 For a comprehensive library of projects so far completed, please go to 


UHPLC Bundle System Automated Liquid Chromatography HPLC Automation Robotic Chromatography Sample Loader Robotic chromatography sample preparation Liquid Handler Injector Automated  Injectors CTC PAL Automatic Dilution for Chromatography Just-in-time sample preparation for Mass spectrometry