Automated Purge and Trap with CDS 7000C

Purge and Trap (P&T) has been well-established since 1974 for analysis of volatile compounds with trace level sensitivity. Research and contract labs rely on P&T for environmental assessment, waste water, drinking water or beverage analysis applications, and worldwide applied protocols (US-EPA 500-, 8000-series; DIN-EN ISO 15009...). However, the P&T setups have evolved so far with several downsides of inflexible setups, laborious daily routines, and high running costs on one dedicated instrumentation (e.g. P&T-GC/MS).

The PAL Purge and Trap was built to overcome these limitations, and to meet today`s working comforts:

  • P&T Methods and Data processing integrates to GC/MS with only one sample list
  • Full control via TCP/IP makes remote I/O Cables obsolete: Manual plugging and signal setting is history.
  • Flexible with other analytics by robotic tool change: e.g. Headspace, SPME, Liquid, Sample Prep, etc.
  • PAL Dilutor automates P&T calibrations, e.g. with EPA MegaMix® Standards

Simple, robust automation, fully compliant with established method protocols

Automated Calibrations Using Your Standards of Choice

Purge and Trap Software

A simplified interface for routine Purge and Trap operations (on left) as well as expert level method design within PAL Sample Control (on right).