zzBarcode Reader Laser scanner for 2ml/10ml/20ml vials


Barcode Reading
Laser scanner reads barcode labels on 2, 10 and 20 ml vials. Other vials are possible but not standard.

Depending on the data system, can transfer the data into the Sample List

When using LEAP Shell Software the samples barcode can be read at the time the sample list is set up with a hand barcode reader. At run time the scanned barcode is compared to the expected barcode with the integrated reader and if there is a miss-match then the sample can be skipped or flagged for future review depending on a user definable decision. LEAP offers on the fly reading for vials of a variety of vial sizes.

Standard offering requires steel caps for magnetic transport

Not all data systems can support the barcode but LEAP Technologies using LEAP Shell Software can help track your samples thru your process. Please contact LEAP to see if your data system can support the barcode option.

Barcode Types

  • UPC versions A and E
  • EAN8 and EAN13
  • Code 39
  • Interleaved2 of 5
  • Discrete2 of 5
  • Code 128
  • Code 93
  • Codabar

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