RSI PAL3 / Gazelle 18 UHPLC Pump - Bundle

PAL3 for LC and Work Stations

  • Many sample prep steps possible
  • Dilution, reactions, filtration, reformatting
  • From test tubes to 1536 well plates
  • Different syringe sizes and types
  • High speed vortexer
  • 2D bar code reader
  • Liquid / liquid extractions
  • Sample prep
  • Multi-vavle cpapbility
  • ITSP sample prep
  • Low-to-no carryover

Gazelle18 UHPLC Pump/PAL-Bundle

  • Replace out-dated unreliable LC Front Ends
  • Optimizes LC-MS productivity, solvents bottles to column heater.

The pump has broadset range of pressure and flow rate in the industry. One driver controls two binary pumps.

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