HDX Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange PAL

Automates H/D-X experimental workflow, schedules and performs labeled experiments, followed by quenching and injection under cold conditions.

Flexible Control Software

• Reagent addition

• Precisely timed reactions

• Overlapped for maximum efficiency

• Digestion, either on column or in solution

• Injection to MS with direct integration to Sample List


Next Generation HDX Platform             

  • Robotic syringe changing

New motors

New electronics

Ethernet connectivity

  • Smaller footprint
  • Larger sample capacity (100 time points)
  • High performance tray cooler

Very stable temperatures 0 degrees C +/- 0.5

  • Cold syringe option - keep samples cold during injection
  • Standalone pepsin column chamber to enhance peptide coverage

Pepsin Column

  • Bottom sensing in vials

Can access very small sample volumes (low dead-volume)

  • Cut-away Chromatography chamber – Removable door

More accessibility to valves and columns

  • Control Software

Full editing capabilities for method customization.

User access levels for protecting methods

Sophisticated error handling and logging

Integration with many data systems to provide direct control and feedback


Brochure - Automated Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange [PDF]