PAL RTC Fully Automated Prep and Load PAL Systems

  • The PAL RTC with Robotic Tool Change is the logical (r)evolution of the successful PAL-xt product line. It is a robotic platform for the efficient and safe automation of most sample preparation steps.
  • The robotic change of tools enables unattended 24/7 operation, even for multi step workflows and thereby greatly increases the productivity of labs. At the same time process safety is optimized since all operations become traceable.

The Robotic Tool Change capabilities increase productivity and widen the application range of one single instrument by covering the whole liquid volume range with only 5 liquid injection tools even in one single run or within a sequence. Especially for GC, LC & MS applications, this autosampler offers a robotic switch of injection modes - Liquid Injection, Headspace and SPME within one sample list and without the need of manual operation in less than 30 seconds. The right tools are available when really needed and this with unprecedented precision and repeatability.

The LEAP PAL RTC is controlled by Chronos – a software package that efficiently manages sample prep workflows and seamlessly integrates into all common CDS systems. With it's built in intelligent time management the software considerably increases the throughput of the analytical system.

The PAL RTC is the ideal instrument for extended and more advanced automated sample prep and will soon be available from LEAP Technologies.

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PAL RTC Brochure