PAL RTC for Gas Chromatography

It is a COMBI only a thousand times better!


This unique PAL System features a Robotic Tool Change and an available integrated Vortex Mixer, which efficiently automate complex sample preparation steps such as dilution, derivatisation, mixing, liquid/liquid extraction and many more – the possibilities are endless.

PAL RTC which stands for Robotic Tool Change and as you may know PAL stands for Prep and Load.

The Robotic Tool Change capabilities increase productivity and widens the application range of one single instrument by covering the whole liquid volume range with up to 6 tools even in one single run or within a sequence of back to back runs.

Especially for GC&GC/MS applications this Autosampler offers an unattended switch of syringe modes - Liquid Injection, Headspace and SPME within one sample list and without the need of manual operation in less than 30 seconds. For the first time LEAP is able to offer multiple SPME fibers for method development on a single instrument without any operator intervention. The right tools are available when needed with unprecedented precision and repeatability.

Some of the key new features are:

·         Robotic Tool Change  -  increase laboratory productivity and widens application range by using up to six different syringe types even in single run.

·         Increased vial capacity  - extended working range for y-axis enables processing up to 100% more sample in a single tray holder.

·         Position detection - definable z-tolerance for detection of correct injector position or missing vials.

·         Bottom sensing - allows reliable aspirations of small sample volumes even out of a few microliter samples.

·         Cold needle injection - faster GC injection times down to 100ms.

·         New Vortex mixer - efficient mixing during liquid homogenization and extraction steps.


The PAL RTC is controlled by the unique PAL Sample Control  (PSC software) on your PC – a software package that efficiently manages sample prep workflows and seamlessly integrates into all common CDS systems. With its built in intelligent time management the software considerably increases the throughput of the analytical system.

The following data systems are supported at present: 

Agilent GC/LC and MSD ChemStation
Agilent EZChrom 3.2.x, 3.3.x (appropriate runtime license needed)
Agilent Masshunter
Applied Biosystems Analyst 1.4 and 1.5
Dani Masterlab
DataApex Clarity 3.0
Justice ChromPerfect 6.0
Thermo Electron Xcalibur 1.4 - 2.1
Waters Empower 2 (with restrictions)
AS Odor Online 

The COMBI PAL RTC with Headspace capability from LEAP Technologies switches unattended between up to 2 tools. (Also available but not included is an optional 3rd tool)

Basic unit is 80cm XY and includes (1) liquid tool , (1) heated head space syringe tool,(1)  6 position agitator/incubator for 2ml, 10 or 20ml vials (2 mL vials require additional adapter), (1) standard 5 position wash/waste station, (1) tray holder for three 54 position 2ml vial trays or microtiter plates, (1) 60 position vial tray for 10 mL or 20mL vials, flush gas regulator and lines, e-manuals; complete w/PC based remote software that integrates w/many data system software's of brand name GCs and GC-MS'.

Requires specific GC mounting kit and syringes.

Optional SPME tool & fibers and additional tools are available but not are not included

 LEAP PAL RTC Brochure