Spinsolve Benchtop NMR Automation

LEAP Technologies

For the first time, you can measure proton, carbon, and phosphorous NMR spectra on the bench in just a few seconds. Imagine having an NMR spectrum moments after your sample is ready or even while a reaction is running, right there in your lab. Unlike other benchtop NMR spectrometers, the Spinsolveā„¢ NMR spectrometer has superb sensitivity and the performance to provide useful results immediately. LEAP has combined the power of this benchtop analytical workhorse with the many automated sample preparation capabilities of the PAL systems.

The result?

Easy, automated NMR analysis wherever you need it.

1D Proton, 19F Fluorine and 13C Carbon as well as T1 and T2, and 2D HETCOR, HMBC, HMQC, COSY and JRES spectra can all be measured, with simple software interaction. The magnet is stabilized with an external lock, which means it does not require the use of deuterated solvents. Samples are measured using standard 5 mm NMR tubes and the spectrometer is controlled through an external computer where standard NMR data collection and processing takes place, using industry standard Mnova processing software.

The system fits on your benchtop or can be arranged as a standalone bench with computer and monitor built in. With best in class resolution of <0.7 Hz FWHM, highest sensitivity and best line shape, you can't afford to overlook this system.

Let's look at some data...