Tedlar Bag - Tray Holder

This accessory for the COMBI PAL can be used for SPME or Headspace out of Tedlar Bags. The tray can hold up to 15 bags and can be accessed in any order.

A Tedlar Bag can be an alternative sampling container for air VOC analysis

Tedlar Bags are made from a special DuPont material PVF film with a PEF-coated septa to keep the gas sample stable and leak free  

   Optional:  Installation and Training not included

Bags are not included - please contact for further information and pricing


PN for Bags:  NS-Tedlar-1         1 liter Tedlar bag, w/silicone O-Rings

PN for Bags:  NS-Tedlar -1B      1 liter Tedlar bag, w/butyl O-Rings


Sample Automation for Tedlar Bags 

 Air, tobacco smoke samples, or other gas samples captured in a Tedlar bag, can be sampled for injection to a gas chromatograph, or any other discrete sample analyzer. Using a gas tight syringe, or an extraction with a SPME fiber system, an injection can be made for a fully unattended operation in a lab. A rack holding 15x 1 liter bags is available (part# PAL.TEDLARMTG). Many EPA methods exist for this versatile sample container. (see table below for suitability). The double duty valve used on such bags is very common. When screwed down completely, it seals the valve intake stem and a septa seals against leakage through the top port. The intake valve stem serves for sampling of a gas stream via attached tubing and sampling pump. The top port can be pierced by a syringe for sample extraction and followed with an injection to a GC. There is an alternative material to Tedlar available from Sigma Aldrige called "Supel-Inert".