Magritek Spinsolve™

We are very pleased to be partnering with Magritek for
their high performance benchtop NMR in the US and Canada.

Magritek's Spinsolve™ compact NMR spectrometer is
fast, convenient, easy to use and has exceptional overall performance.

Introducing the Magritek Spinsolve™ NMR Spectrometer, a revolutionary analytical instrument. For the first time, chemists can measure proton NMR spectra on their bench in just a few seconds. Imagine having an NMR spectrum moments after your sample is ready or even while a reaction is running, right there in your lab. Unlike other benchtop NMR spectrometers, the Spinsolve™ NMR spectrometer has superb sensitivity and the performance to provide useful results immediately.

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Featured Products

LEAP Technologies specializes in sample prep automation connected to LC / Mass Spec or stand-alone, turning the CTC PAL into platforms for workflow solutions way beyond typical autosamplers that just load samples.



The RTC, Robotic Tool Changing, one of the new CTC PAL 3, is designed for sample prep automation, has push-button operation, 2 year warranty, no tension cords. Tools include SPME, vortexer, advanced barcode reader.

Gazelle18 UHPLC PAL Bundle

UHPLC Bundle
UHPLC Bundle

Gazelle18 UHPLC Pump/PAL-Bundle optimizes LC-MS productivity, solvent bottles to column heater. Reliable LC bundle especially configured for LC-MS with the new CTC PAL 3 RSI and LEAP’s Gazelle 18 UHPLC Pump. The pump has broadest range of pressure and flow rate in the industry. One driver controls two binary pumps. Chronos Software and Analyst™ Datasystem. The PAL RSI, Robotic Sample Injection, is a high capacity,high productivity frontend automation.

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