Why are we different?

LEAP Technologies is a solutions provider, a partner in laboratory automation.



It's built right in. We've been helping our customers find the right solution for their laboratories for over 26 years. We're a small group of focused individuals, from all across the analytical spectrum.


Automation Innovation

Sure, we've been automating your manual processes for years, but we're more than that, creating custom hardware and software modules to address real-world laboratory challenges.


Constantly Advancing

Because of our unique position in the marketplace, LEAP can pick and choose the best tools to work with, and bring you the best instruments and software for your needs. We integrate with all the major players out there, so your existing equipment works seamlessly with your new solutions.


Easy to Work With

We get to work on understanding your needs right away. Because it all starts with you. We visit your laboratory to learn your processes, and collaborate with you to find the most useful tools for your workflow.


For the Betterment of Human Health

From clinical to environmental, from pharmaceutical to forensics, and everywhere in between, we love working with customers to make a better world for us all.

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HDX Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange PAL
HDX Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange PAL
FLEX5 Certus
CERTUS FLEX Micro Dispenser
automated NMR, Carbon benchtop NMR
Spinsolve Benchtop NMR Automation
PAL3 for LC
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