Trade-In Your Old PAL for a New PAL3

November 02, 2016

Trade-In Your Old PAL for a New PAL3

We're pleased to offer you the opportunity to upgrade and enhance your sample prep through this fantastic offer.

Whether you want to keep your lab running smoothly on the latest platform, or you want to enhance your workflow, now's the time to explore your next steps.

Contact us now to find out how your new PAL3 system can replace and improve your sample preparation process.

You can receive a trade-in value of $3500 for your 7+ year old PAL system, and your new PAL3 system will give you unparalleled productivity.

  • More efficient analyses with sample overlapping & 'Just-In-Time' sample prep
  • Robotic Tool Change allows you to use up to 6 different tool types in one sample queue
  • Dual head & new module options turn your PAL into a complete sample preparation solution
  • Bottom sensing to maximize sampling of low volumes
  • New SPME features, including SPME Arrow for trace sensitivity

This deal is for a limited time, so reach out today!

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