CERTUS FLEX Micro Dispenser

LEAP Technologies

Microdispensing at its best. Flexibility to use the solvents you need, across an ideal range of dispensing volumes, at speeds that keep your laboratory flowing.

The core technology behind the Certus is in the microvalves, which are precision-made to be both reliable and accurate dispensing valves.

The closing elements are polished sapphires and rubies, providing a robust, autoclavable valve with a very low wear-and-tear.

Gyger valve cut away
The FLEX 5, 5-channel head, and the FLEX 8, 8 channel head. Within each experiment or application, up to 5 or 8 substances can be dispensed simultaneously, or in a defined sequence.
The Certus comes in two basic configurations given by two different dispensing heads:

FLEX 8 valves 

The channels can be equipped with different valves in order to facilitate an ideal dispensing of substances of different physical properties.

  • aqueous solutions
  • organics
  • DMSO
  • solvents
  • detergents
  • buffers
  • cells
  • DNA
  • proteins
  • oils (with viscosity up to 200mPas)

Dispensing of fluids can be done from bottles or syringes (for lowest dead volume).

The Certus has been on the market for 4 years and has evolved into the Certus Flex as a rugged, dependable and flexible micro dispenser. With high speed and precision it can dispense liquids down to volumes of 50nl. Plates (96-, 384- and 1536-well are preprogrammed), vials, glass slides or other containers and surfaces can be implemented by the end user through guided software.

The applied dispensing technique involves the high precision valves and an equally precise pressure regulated air channel system that is calibrated for each liquid separately.