The rails and the wheels that move along these rails accumulate dust and debris resulting in build-up.  This build-up deteriorates the rail over time from friction.  This must be cleaned and lubricated prior to any damage that can occur.  Any damages to the rails results in a catastrophic failure of the PAL.  These rails cannot be replaced.  LEAP FSEs inspect the rails for damage, cleanliness, and function.  Any excessive wear or damage is noted and the end users are made aware of any abnormalities.  Ribbon cables are inspected for obvious kinks or bare wires and replacement is recommended when required.

After cleaning the rails and wheels it is also important to use the proper lubrication, and the appropriate amount.  Too much lubrication is just as detrimental as too little.  Too much lubrication will actually increase build-up of dirt and debris.


Call Our Dedicated PAL Support Center line at 1-877-532-7832

The know-how that has accumulated over the lifetime of the CTC PAL by the LEAP Service/Support Group and product managers can be deployed to any PAL user in the world -- It does not matter where the PAL is bought. For practical and economic reasons service charges will vary but will be always fair. Our goal is keeping all PALs productive for its owners. Free updates and upgrades for a charge are available through this site or can be requested by e-mail or phone call.

There is a wide variety of service/support products that you can choose from. If what you need does not exist we will create it. Our range of service products include :