Gyger SMLD 300GC Valves for Certus FLEX Microdispensers

The SMLD 300GC microvalves are the core technology of the Certus FLEX dispensers.

The microvalves are made of the following materials: Stainless Steels 1.4404 (A316L), 1.4301 (A301), 1.4310 (A304), 1.4113 IM / 1.4105 IL (A430F); PEEK, sapphire, ruby

Microvalve selection is based on the properties of the fluids you plan to dispense, the volumes you wish to dispense, and the plate format you intend to use. You can use the following table as a general guide, or reach out to have our experts help you pick the perfect one.

valve size guide

Proper care and use of your valves

With the proper use and cleaning of your valves, they should last 6 months to a year. After dispensing acidic, sticky or crystallizing substances, the microvalves should be thoroughly flushed immediately after use. 

Additionally, you may sonicate your valves, backflush them, and autoclave them, as your needs require.

Estimated lead time is 1-3 weeks.