ProDx Protease Columns for HDX

Finally, the perfectly paired digestion column for HDX experiments -  optimized for the highest performance with the LEAP HDX system.

Developed by experts in the field, optimized for performance at 0°C under acidified conditions. Learn more about the development of this HDX pepsin column here.

An in-line digestion column ideal for HDX reactions!

ProDx Protease columns perform:

  • at 0°C
  • at lower back pressures
  • with reduced carryover
  • with increased desalting efficiency

Packed in a bioinert, glass-lined stainless steel, 2.1mm x 30mm column, the ProDx Protease column can withstand high pressure digestion practices, making it compatible with other systems.


Your ProDx Protease Column(s) must ship cold! 

Cold shipment requirements of Protease columnsFor ALL deliveries of these columns, we require a special cold-package system, with a temperature sensor to ensure your columns arrive in peak condition. This shipping cost will calculate during your checkout. Someone must be present when the package arrives, so please track your package once the shipping confirmation email is sent.

Further information on shipments of ProDx Protease columns

To ensure your columns arrive on a business day and can be appropriately received, all shipments of Protease columns will go out on Mondays/Tuesdays.

For deliveries within Continental N. America, 2-day shipping is required, as well as refrigeration upon arrival.

For deliveries to all other locations, 3-day shipping is required, as well as refrigeration upon arrival.