HDX Workflow Solution

HDX has become an indispensable tool for protein binding studies in pharmaceutical development. For over 15 years Trajan's automation team (formally LEAP Technologies) have been automating HDX experiments, and is the industry leader in the field.
Our HDX systems are helping researchers across the globe come to answers about their proteins faster than traditional methods.

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  • Successful HDX experiments

    Automation addresses the 4 key factors for successful HDX experiments:

    • Accurate timing, accurate liquid transfer and accurate temperature control

    • pH control

    • Sustained 0°C environment

    • In-line digestion

    Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange is an experimental technique for obtaining information about changes in the tertiary structure of proteins under different physiological conditions.

    The HDx-3 PAL™ platform is an advanced, automated scheduling and experimental workstation providing ease of use, high reproducibility and exceptional data quality for HDX experiments.

    Consumables designed for HDX

    NEW! Our ProDx Protease columns are now available for purchase online!

    Columns and fluidics consumables specifically designed to optimize all aspects of the HDX user experience.

    From ease of use to reliability and sample stability, your success is our number one goal.