MFx Collector

Zero-loss, zero-drip, high throughput and ultra reliable: the new microfraction collection system from Trajan LEAP Automation offers you everything you need to consistently perform your most critical collection experiments.
The MFx Collector has been purposefully designed to optimize fraction collection for the sharpest peaks, the maximum dependability, and the greatest ease of use. With smart software features and automation, this analytical fraction collection system is the most reproducible, and highly compatible platform available today.


Setup for collection has never been easier

Users are provided a specialized screen for easy method and collection sequence creation.

Tabular and visual method creation

The visual well-selection feature empowers users to define collection ranges with a point-and-click, exactly targeting wells without the guesswork.

Similarly, standard tabular sample creation can be confirmed visually for the greatest confidence.

dynamic flow reservoir

Unique dynamic flow reservoir

The precision engineered and long lasting dynamic flow reservoir (DFR) allows the MFx Collector to continue collecting
chromatographic flow while the automation is moving between wells, resulting in zero-loss.
The design achieves a turbulence-free, fully optimized flowpath for collection without peak dispersion.

Undisturbed flowpath for minimal peak diffusion

While flow to the buffer region remains constant during both well filling and robot movement, the buffer region will expand as the DFR travels between wells. This retracts any hanging droplets, and avoids peak diffusion by allowing continuous flow.
The buffer region contracts to resume dispensing at the next well.