MFx Collector Accessories


MFX Accessories

As the leading experts in fraction collection automation for analytical pursuits, we are your one stop for everything essential to your fraction and microfraction collection workflows. Whether you need consumables, automation, training or service, Our experienced team can best help you achieve your fraction collection goals. Learn more about our automated platform here.

The consumables you need to keep your MFx Collector in top form can be found here:

PN Description Recommended Replacement Interval
MFX.DFR Dynamic Fluid Reservoir After 5000-10,000 sample collections
MFX.DFR.NDL 3 pack Needle Replacements After 1000-5000 sample collections
MFX.TUBKIT Replacement set of tubing and fittings Annually
COLLFCFEM Fast Connect Female 3.5mm Radio Plug to Contact Closure (8ft) One each time you want to connect to a different MS
COLLFCMALE Fast Connect Male 3.5mm Radio Plug to DB15 (12ft) One per MFx Collector, no replacement interval necessary